ISO 30414:2018 11 Core Areas

ISO 30414 2018 explained

Guiding principles of ISO 30414:2018

Human Capital Management

It is important that an organisation brings focus to human capital management as part of its values and strategy.

Pragmatic implementation

The alignment to the ISO standards needs to be pragmatic and it should be capable of being implemented within the organisations’ operating model. It should consider cost / benefit comparisons.

Relevant and applicable

The global ISO standards are relevant and applicable to all organisations of all sizes across multiple industries.

Many insights

The benefits of having evidenced-based measures will provide an organisation with many insights which lead to better decision making.

Standard measures across the same sector

Standard metrics across and between sectors enables comparisons, which are valuable for stakeholders.

Ease of understanding

All important aspects of an organisation are identified and provide consistency for ease of understanding.

Clarity and transparency

Internal and external stakeholders receive many benefits.

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