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Measuring recruitment, mobility and turnover’ – ISO 30414:2018

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It’s time to stop comparing apples to pears! ISO 30414 certification – an international benchmark of excellence. As well as negatively affecting employer brand, slow-moving recruitment can be a bottleneck to organisational growth; cumbersome processes and over-stretched teams can make the job of filling vacancies longer and more costly. Faster recruitment drives a snowball effect of benefits to your company’s performance by reducing costs, improving the candidate experience and supporting your employer brand. Streamlined, efficient recruitment processes deliver higher-quality, more engaged hires, providing a competitive advantage that directly impacts on your business performance. This, in turn, leaves you perfectly placed to take advantage of new business opportunities and grow faster, ISO 30414 certification can help you measure the quality of your organisation’s HR function against international standards including ‘Recruitment, Mobility and Turnover’, one of the 11 core areas of reporting.