Our services overview

ISO 30414:2018 certification

In a post Brexit Britain, where the UK may adopt different rules to the rest of the EU, an ISO standard, as well as measuring the ROI of human capital investment, gives a globally recognised assurance on people standards in a business.

Employee engagement

A happy and engaged workforce leads to outstanding results. There are many upsides which include lower turnover, less absenteeism, fewer injuries, greater productivity, higher customer recognition and thus sales, resulting in greater profitability.

Human capital issues

We can support you in providing robust solutions to challenges such as; compliance and law, workplace diversity, adapting to innovation, leadership development, workforce training development and recruiting and retaining talent.

HR organisation

Strong HR administration benefits an organisation by ensuring a higher rate of engagement. We are ideally positioned to assist in establishing the complete HR administration programme that can plug straight into your organisation.

HR business partner service

Our HR business partner programme connects our associates to your senior management team. Together, we will develop an HR strategy to lay the strong foundations to support the overall aims of your organisation.

HR consultancy

HCM Metrics has a dedicated team that is able to deliver a flexible and particular employment package support tool in order to help move your business forward. We can provide a turnkey solution that will take the stress out of managing your workforce.


HCM Metrics can comprehensively review your learning requirements and work with you to deliver powerful, bespoke training courses that will assist your management teams and employees fulfil their full potential.

HR technology

HR management systems software makes routine tasks more effective and efficient. Working in collaboration with our partner organisations, we are able to recommend IT software solutions to underpin your HR function.