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Workplace mental and physical health in the ‘new normal’ – ISO 30414:2018

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There is no doubt that we will all have to re-adjust to new ways of working and doing business both in the immediate future and, as many suspect, in the long term. Many CEO’s and senior managers are having to adapt themselves to new working models, including holding online meetings and dealing with technical glitches from home. This can cause stress and frustration. Add that to the overall responsibility leaders have for the health, safety, and wellbeing of those that they work with, and it all adds up to a recipe for both mental and physical stress for themselves as well as for those they work with.

The new ways of working discovered recently may have long term benefits for employees and organisations alike. We need to be careful to safeguard the health and safety of everybody as  part of the new ways of ‘getting work done’. Most countries have well-established health and safety legislation. In the UK, for example, the Health and Safety at Work has been around since 1974.

Over the last few years we have also seen a rise in concern for the wellness. Wellness programmes are already incorporated in many of the best companies to work for, and are acknowledged as having a major impact on the employee experience.

Patty Murphy in her recent blog states

“Wellness programs have become prevalent in mid-sized to large organizations and are a critical component of strategies to improve the long-term health of your population. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 74% of employers who offer health benefits now have a wellness program”.

Patty Murphy

Yet only 23% of companies report tracking the ROI of their programmes. The result is a missed opportunity to leverage powerful data for improving employees’ wellbeing and your bottom line — not to mention making a case for expanded resources for your wellness program’

In 2019 the ISO published a new standard for Human Capital Reporting, ISO 30414:2019 which includes 11 elements to track. One of these is health, safety, and wellbeing. To get the recognition for good practice for this, the ISO standard provides a measure that enables you to both quantify and showcase good practice. Researchers found that workers’ job satisfaction contributed 48% to organisational performance, so it is a critical factor in work place success.

Of the 11 core areas of reporting why not start with health, safety, and wellbeing? All elements of the new standard are illustrated below.

Here at HCM Metrics we know that wellness is one of the Core Areas of ISO 30414:2018 – Human Resources Management. We can help you achieve the standard.

You can download our 80 Reasons for Achieving ISO Certification.

We would love to hear from you and help you understand a little more about what ISO 30414:2018 could mean for you.

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